About Janey

I live in England with a husband and a bunch of kids who make a lot of noise and mess.  When I’m not playing housemaid, taxi driver, sex slave or working, I can be found writing and grumbling a lot at the story people in my head.

I do hope you enjoy reading my blog about writing, life and random stuff.  If so, there are books to buy: the links are right here on the blog.

I’d love to hear from you, please do get in touch.  If you’d like to join my street team–and relentlessly and shamelessly hawk my wares around your social media–why not send me an email?  I promise that chocolate is involved.  Not that I bribe people to help me.  Not always.  I do send utterly useless gifts at Christmas though.

Janey x

JaneyRosen Author Pic copy

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