The Sebastian Series

I loved penning this tale. Set in the North Cornish hamlet of coves such as Constantine Bay, it features a stately home called Penmorrow House. The inspiration for the house was actually a semi-wreck of a fabulous stately pile called Harlyn House which I had the great privilege of sneaking around one day. Did it have all the floorboards? No it didn’t. What it did have was a charm, a ghostly past and a spark that triggered these books. Much of my personal experiences were poured into these and I cried rivers writing them. Lord Sebastian is a dark and complex dominant man, Beth a woman who wants more from life. Both want love. Both know heartache. Add to the mix a sinister, sultry maid called Scarlett who has no intention of sharing her master, Lord Sebastian…what you have is a heady mix of a love story that is a roller coaster ride for the reader.  I do hope you enjoy…


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 09.05.19

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