“Wow! A truly dark and gripping read.” “Mesmerising and captivating.” –5* Amazon reviews.

“This is definitely not your typical romantic love story. It’s dark and will leave you desperate for more!” –5* Goodreads review.

She was 19 years old and a street girl. Streetwise, or so she thought…until she was taken and now she knows what true pain is. What she doesn’t know is why she craves it and, in the end, if it will destroy her. Each chosen one was selected for a purpose and taken to his compound where he may use them at his will but the most precious jewel of all is Betty who Thane shall call Freya. This one is special. This one he must try not to crush. Janey Rosen, author of the No.1 bestselling Sebastian Trilogy, brings fans of dark erotica a suspenseful and twisted tale which packs a powerful punch. Boundaries have been pushed, socially accepted lines have been crossed. This book is intended strictly for readers over the age of 18 due to triggers, adult content and challenging themes. Based on the original Musekeeper Series by Janey Rosen.