Forget Christian, forget Gideon, forget Gabriel, heck all those dark and mysterious alpha males forget them all and meet Sebastian. He’s going to mess with your head, he’s going to make you swoon, he’s going to make your pulse quicken and then he’s going to make your squirm.

BAM the story hit me and got it’s claws in me straight away, it bowled me over and I was totally at it’s mercy, bit like Beth is with Sebastian. You’ll be laughing, nail biting and crying, it’s a hoarde of sizzling excitment and great twists.

Life at Penmorrow is what your hooked on finding out more about. What does Scarlett really do there? Why does Sebastian employ her? The element of doubt about their relationship is a major bone of contention to Beth. She knows something is not right with it but Sebastian won’t let on and keeps brushing it aside and Scarlett continues to go out of her way to drop hints and not be welcoming to Beth. Yet she is trapped in the pull of Sebastian’s force field and although she should run she can’t. Intrigued by his personality, his dominance and his forceful sexcapades, she’s finds herself mesmerised by him and it would seem he isn’t going to let her go either.

What kind of dark side does Sebastian have and where does Scarlett fit in? The current that runs through this book is high voltage, the suspense surrounding Scarlett is equally enthralling, and the twists keep you hooked, I can’t wait to read book 2 I NEED to find out more.