Dear Blog…

I have sorely neglected you over the summer. I have no idea where the weeks have gone but somehow it’s now October!

It’s been an incredible journey over the past few months …when I first released The Sebastian Trilogy, I recall wondering if anyone would read my work. To know that a single person enjoyed the tale would have made the journey so worth while. Here I am, 6 months later and I have to say … my readers have blown my mind! There isn’t a day that passes, where I don’t appreciate every single one of them. Sometimes they send me a message that brings tears to my eyes… other times I’m howling with laughter. What they do, each and every time, however is amaze me.

So, dear Blog, I promise to try and pay you more attention now than I have recently. Although, I’m so eager to publish The Hidden Bride so please be patient with me. After that … well let’s just say that Sebastian may have the last word… don’t men always do so? 😉