Google yourself!

Google yourself!

It’s time that I began the onerous task of trying to acquire a literary agent.  With this in mind, I started to search the internet and one message in particular was very clear … I should Google myself!

Literary agents naturally wish to see that a prospective client is web-savvy – that the author with whom they partner is pro-active in marketing their own work. Thankfully, I have built up a presence on Twitter with a strong platform featuring the cast of my Sebastian tales.  Each cast member has been recruited by me with an emphasis on strong writing skills and knowledge of my novels.  After all, they are representing and bringing to life my work … my passion!

Facebook is a social media platform that is also crucial.  I absolutely love the interaction with readers, many of whom I now think of as friends.  Running competitions has been a fun way to draw more ‘likes’ but also to give something back to my readers.  Signed bookmarks, Sebastian mugs and signed books are some of the freebies that I’ve sent to USA and UK readers.  Who doesn’t like a freebie? I doooo!

So, my Google search of myself yielded the following (thankfully nothing more scandalous than the eroticism of my tales):

That I have an author page on, my Facebook fan page, links to my books, my website, blog, twitter page, author interviews, reviews of my work … and much much more!

Therefore if you’re a writer, be an internet whizz too!  As the least tech-savvy woman on this planet I assure you that if I can do it, you can too 😉