Not that I’m excited about the forthcoming Writers Conference in NYC but I can tell you precisely the days/hours/minutes until I step on the plane at Heathrow, London!

I’m now furiously researching the agents in attendance for the Pitch Slam.  With just 90 seconds to entice the agent to request my manuscripts I’m in stalker mode! [Not literally, I should add!]  There is a wealth of literary talent and experience wrapped up in a neat bundle of 54 agents ~ rather like Christmas morning finding 54 gifts under the tree ~ oh to be able to keep one.  Just one special agent with whom I can form a great working relationship.  I’d even forgo the gift wrap!

Like a woman possessed, I signed myself up to attend as many seminars as I possibly could.  My itinerary doesn’t leave me time to eat or even breathe but I simply can’t wait for every precious second of the entire 3 days.  I did however leave myself crucial retail therapy time before my flight home 😉