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Do you stalk your teenage child’s social media accounts?

I’m the only one?

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It’s not that we don’t trust our kids, it’s that we are old enough and wise enough as parents to know that there are creeps out there lurking and preying on vulnerable minors.

I raise this issue because I sent a private message this morning to my teenage daughter’s social media account.  I’d noticed that her privacy settings were non-existent and that, already, she had a lurker in her follower list.

I like meet you. You send message, we meet.

I calmly asked my dear daughter to amend her settings, that I would show her how to do this and what I thought was acceptable personal information and what was not.

Her reply was this:

Oh gosh, this is hilarious.  I’m posting this on Instagram!  This (her mother sending her a private message and looking at her account) is creepier than the creepy guy!

What my daughter forgets is that her father sat for six hours at Magcon at O2 on Saturday, resulting in permanent hearing loss through fifteen thousand girls screaming at boys who are multi-millionair social media starlets.  No, we are just creepy old people who’s mission in life is to ruin theirs. 😉

What are your views on parental controls with social media?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Janey x

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